Thursday, February 18, 2010


The next few months will be the definition of busyness. Most weekdays, I would not be free until 8 at night. I start at 9 twice a week, another day at 10. The second half of each weekend day will be filled. I signed up for scripture teaching as well, but I don't think I'd be able to do it at the time I want and in the area I want. I am still hoping to squeeze in one or two more students, since the pocket still seems quite empty. On top of that, its first year.

I can't believe I only have a little more than a week of this precious holiday. Where did the last three and a half months go? HSC seems far enough, but the holidays seem so, so short! But I have done a few of the things I planned to:
- Drove about 80 hours.
- Edited 1 set of videos.
- Cleaned up this ancient computer and made it bearable.
- Watched about 50 episodes of the bengali natok House Full, got bored. Watched An Education, not as good as I thought it would be. It ends quite abruptly. I guess I found it hard to relate to because I am not a schoolgirl (anymore! yay!) who fell in love with an older man, left school, then found out he's married, studied really hard and got into Oxford. As I was watching this movie, I kept thinking about all the things that are wrong with the society. Maybe thats why it failed to attract me? Anyway, I also watched the first 2-3 minutes of The Time Traveller's Wife. Then the sound started to stuff up, and Smru told me its a waste of time, and I believed her even though the first few minutes seemed OK, so I stopped. I watched the BBC Series of Pride and Prejudice and Wives and Daughters - and absolutely loved them! Wives and Daughters left me gripping the edge of my seat, especially in the last half an hour. Roger Hamley is such a sweet boy! And Molly Gibson is such a good girl with such a great fate that you subconciously start to want to be like her. And I lost all my interest - the bit that was left - in Gossip Girls, House Full and all things alike.
- I have a toothbrush at Snowman/Dagger/Flynn/Ash's house. And I can open and close their car door properly. And I have a bed there, which is actually Flynn's bed, but she prefers sleeping on the carpet for some reason. That makes me a part of their family.
- I am off facebook for a while. Of course, it was my mum's idea, but I accepted it. I guess I needed this - facebook is just ugh sometimes. Its ughly addictive and ughly ugly. So if you want to contact me, use the good old email, or call me. Or take me out for a coffee - get closer! I feel like I can totally be in those Nescafe ads. Or text me, but don't expect me to text back.
- Went to yet another Al Kauthar course! I have missed them so much! The last time I went to one was when I was 16. The thing about Al Kauthar is that the courses are so intense, so jam packed with solid information, as well as juiced with emotions and truthfulness of the instructors that you just want to be in that environment as long as you can. I don't know how to explain it. It really does feel like angels surround the lecture theatre as the teacher explains each detail. I guess its one of those experiences you can't 'feel' until you go through it yourself.
- I went to a wedding last friday. It was raining - raining so hard that it became difficult to see things. I went out to clean the car, and instead, I just sat on the front steps. I couldn't take my eyes off the streaming beauty. Did you know that one of the times when prayers get accepted is when it rains? Its a blessing from God. A blessing from the heavens - and I can feel it every time the I set my eyes upon it, or smell its sweet smell! And its cloudy again, today. I hope it rains.

JC is going out with B. Don't know B's last name, so that's as much information as I can reveal. She's such a sweet girl - I hope they get married and have lots of einstein like children and make the world a better place and... oh, thats right, she doesn't want to get married. There goes another of my dreams! Oh and - out of all this, one good thing came out. I learnt what 'altercation' means. And then realised that everyone else knew that word long before me. SS is becoming girly. AS has a new boyfriend, who's not white, and not too tall, and possibly not obsessed with computer games. FG is still determined that there is no guy for her out there, in a good way, of course! RH tried to convince AD why boys are rubbish, yet, AD is going out with someone I don't know. CP is going out with A who she met at bondi. It seems like the commerce of Valentine's Day has boomed this year.

Oh and Sum - you are so very cute! If you ever come across this blog, know that I love you. :)

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  1. oh AD isn't going out with anyone yet
    but she's determined to.. she just doesn't know who yet