Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Beauty, beauty. Its who You are.

The sky in the last few nights was beyond beautiful. The brightest full moon of the year came a few days ago and brought Mars along. Ma told me about it that morning, but I was quite stressed and had such a full day that I totally forgot about it until about 11 pm. I literally ran to the backyard to see if I still had a chance. And Lo and behold (in Steven's style) - there it was! A tiny dot about four centimetres away from the moon. It was slightly orange. I thought of Smru straight away. Her obsession with Mars in forever implanted on my mind. But since she isn't on 3, and since Sum is, and since I knew Sum is still awake, I called her. I just had to share that with someone. So I stood there, with my parents, in the backyard, watching the grey clouds cover and uncover the white circle with a little orange dot next to it. The sky was mostly clear that night though - so I also had a chance to stare at the other dazzling stars. They really do look like tiny diamonds, some of them.

Even though it was very bright, and though it was supposed to be the biggest, the moon looked bigger the next night. I was driving my dad and brother to the mosque. I hate taking the same route over and over again, but I really do have to pull up my hours. From 120, I've done about 60. I really can't fudge the whole of the rest of the hours, so I try to go everywhere I can... be bothered to. Anyway, that night, I wasn't as grumpy as I usually am for being dragged to drive on the same road again, because the moment I left the house, my eyes fell upon the moon. It was half hidden behind some branches. And it took my breath away. It literally lit up the sky and made all the dark clouds seem closer to white than grey. I had to remind myself to keep my eyes on the road if I didn't want to be traumatised for the rest of my life for killing two of my family members.

Then, last night, it was raining. Have I ever mentioned that I love driving on rainy nights? Yes, we did take the same route again, but I hardly felt it. At first it was raining softly, and the orange street lights illuminated each drop. They looked like tiny insects as they hovered infront of any light they could find. All the cars were being driven relaxedly. As the rain became heavier, the water on the roads occasionally turned orange, or blue, or red, depending on the closes neon lights. My windscreen wiper got faster. The raindrops stopped imitating insects and merely slid down any surface they could find. I think I also saw a flash of rainbow somewhere - most probably in front of another car's headlights. I loved the sound of the heavy drops on the roof and the windows. It added a sense of rythm to all those colours.

It was raining this morning too. I love the scent it draws out from the soil.

I can watch the sky all day
Without a word to say.
I can taste their heavy tears,
Sitting here.
I would, if I could.

PS: Since my phone refuses to transfer the photo of the moon I took the other night, I am posting a different photo of the sky. The sky at another time I love. Before sunset.

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