Monday, February 01, 2010

to thicken the border

And then I proved again, yet again, that I cannot be responsible about my actions.

Not yet! But who knows what tomorrow holds?

I really need to keep organising things for the upcoming surprise. Since its a surprise, and since the person the surprise is for may come across this, I shall not reveal much. But I only have a few more weeks. Need more ideas and co-operation. Talking about ideas - I really should apologise to Flynn for the immaturity I displayed. It was nothing and really a fleeting light bulb that switched on inside our heads. I should probably also apologise to Snowman for freaking her out. And note to self: never be tempted by Sum and Rad when they want to reveal secrets!

I woke up with this song in my head:

The Prophet's hands,
silken smooth and soft to touch
sometimes we need those hands so much,
to feel them clasp our own and let us know we're not alone.
The Prophet's hands, If they could take over the reigns,
if they could take away the strains,
guide us to the end with the patience of a friend.

Yeah, I did wish I had the prophet's hands to guide me gently through life at that moment.

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