Friday, June 04, 2010


You turn away. You close your eyes from everything that lacks the colour of purity. You block your ears from every unwanted noise. Your nose no longer wants to breathe in the stench of the world. Your tongue prepares to be wet with only beautiful words. You relax. Let your mind lose itself in the infiniteness of the moment.

You proclaim His greatness. You place your hands close to your heart. You utter the words of praise and gratefulness. You remember every morsel of food, every breath of fresh air, every touch of love, every minute of security. You thank Him. You remember every accomplishment,  victory and failure through which He has made you the person that you are. You thank Him. You feel His words of approval in your heart. Your mind and words move from the past to the future. You remind yourself of your goal, your final destiny, the world that would exist when everything would end. You know, that only He has the power to give you the power to mould the future through the present. You ask Him. Him alone do you worship and Him alone do you ask for help. You feel His answer; His generous promise of acceptance.

You hate being lost and confused. You ask Him for the best possible solution available. Slowly, you bow down, proclaiming His greatness once again. You continue to glorify Him, before you stand up straight in the same manner. You affirm, that you know, that He accepts those who are thankful. You fall to the ground. Your face touches bare earth, your nose breathes in the scent of raw purity. You rest upon your hands and knees as your head surrenders to His power of might and love. You lose every shred of arrogance. You affirm and reaffirm that every one of you are equal in His eyes. You remind yourself of His infinite power, next to which, you are powerless. You have faults, He is perfect. You are a human being. You are His servant, He is your Lord. You affirm that He is the Most High.

You raise yourself up. You sit with every part of yourself facing in the direction that He commanded you to face, due to your obedience and love. You pray for every goodness. You ask Him to wipe away every spot of impurity from your heart. You wish peace to those who brought the message to you. You wish peace to all believers.

You turn your face to your right and then to your left, wishing peace to every creation in every direction.

This is what we experience every day, five times a day. This is the reason that sleep is worth missing. This is what reminds us, that no matter what happens, He is always there for us. Our daily failures and successes are just stepping stones. If something gets us down, we let our heart flow to Him. This is a reminder that life is worth living.

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