Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heart-shaped box

Dearest readers, 'tis my latest and possibly one of my corniest productions. It was written last night. In the past few days, a lot of people around me seemed to have broken it off or given the news to me of breaking it off with their previous significant other. This is a song for them. Its a bit of fun, not to be taken seriously. I do realise that songs about a 'you' have been written over and over again, thus, most of the words would seem borrowed from previous poets. Oh well - I still hope (yes, I am an optimist!) you enjoy the bunch of common words I've thrown together in a very familiar manner.

When the sun shines through my mind
I know the day is one of a kind
'Cause the moon rose over the clouds last night
It made you seem as clear and bright
as my dreams.

I knew I couldn't touch you
I knew, though, everything seemed true
They were unreal, as much as you
You were making me feel, feel a little blue.

So I cried, I cried last night
When nothing seemed alright
And the stars shone down on the sea
'Cause they couldn't bear shining on me.

Did you say, maybe?
Did you just make a promise to me?
I don't know yet,
If this is fate,
Or if you're a running a little late
for someone else.

So when the sun shone through my mind today,
I knew you're just a memory, nothing more to say,
I lay on grass, watched the sky
And the clouds from last night passed me by.


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