Saturday, July 03, 2010


I am beginning to realise that my mother is right. I really need to be a tad more organised if I want to keep doing the thousand things I signed myself up for. Currently, I am learning a language twice a week, going to Tajweed classes twice a week, teaching about five kids, packing all my possessions, watching The Big Bang Theory and reading up on the list of things I wanted to read up on. On top of that, there are chores, sleep, food, friends and facebook. I plan to continue these when uni starts again, even though I have no idea how exactly I plan to do that. I started to use the calendar on my phone more efficiently, and that is as far as I went in terms of being organised. My hair has turned into strings and is beginning to fall off my head once again. I think its about time I used my expensive organic shampoo and co. They were bought when I was struggling financially (I am still struggling financially) [MA, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, THAT WAS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY] so I think I should put them to good use. Except, Sydney has turned into Antarctica and all I want to do is wrap myself in my blanket and sleep until winter ends. Also, we finally decided to go solar for heating our water. Although the sun rises everyday, clouds are not very timely in their affairs. The water can go cold without warning. Another reason to be wrapped in my blanket and sleep.


  1. LOL! I know exactly how you feel. Its so cold and its making me more unproductive.

    Why don't you try Google Calendars? Its works like a charm for me. I can get so many things done, alhamdulilah. Check out this article:

    As long as you are constant with the weekly planning then you will be alright InshaAllah. Make sure you also bookmark this website on your phone so that you can check it every morning! :)

  2. By the way, what language are you learning?

  3. um, is that mifrah as in alkauthar miffy?

  4. I tried google calendars, but it doesn't work for me. :( its because when I'm busy, I actually am not on the net, so I only get to see my calendar after I finish everything, which would be pointless. And if I am on, that means I am not doing what I'm supposeed to be. :(

    I bookmarked the website. (:

    Arabic. :)

    I am pretty sure that is alkauthar miffy. I don't know any other ones. :) -- Emu apu?

  5. haha, Yeah its Miffy from AK :)

    Yeah that's true. Google Calendar is working for me mainly because its very flexible and I can see exactly where my time is going one week in advance. This way I know whether I have time to take up extra commitments or whether I have I should drop a few things. Its very practical I guess.

    I used to write up my timetable on a paper before but being a perfectionist (not a good trait according to many personal development gurus) it was hard to follow because when I couldn't follow the timetable exactly I would just stop following all together. But with google calendars, if I don't go to according to plan then I can just quickly drag things and re adjust it! Perfect. :)

    I also have my Google Calendars bookmarked on the desktop of my E63 and I check that when I am doing things that are not computer based. I make a mental note of it. Google Calendars is one of the reasons why I so badly want an iPhone because with an iPhone you can edit the events where else with an Nokia E63 you cannot! :(

    That being said, even with a timetable there are times when you do not feel like following it! When that happens you just need to get motivated a bit by looking over your goals and life ambitions... (it works for me)! And don't forget to reward yourself too especially if you are doing soo many things in your life!

    Oh yeah and I am learning Arabic too. I find this website really helpful: along with my regular classes. So who are you learning it with?

    lol, such a long post! Sorry! :)

  6. it is indeed ema apu. anonymous comments go up, but not if i write with name/url.

    Miffy! you should blog! I would love to hear you talk to thin air!

  7. Thanks Ema! Soon InshaAllah! :)

    Do you have a blog?

  8. InshaAllah! Blogging is definitely something I am going to look into in the future.

  9. By the way, Ema... Do you have a blog??

  10. haha, Ema. I found your blog. :P

    By the way, you know what I just remembered. I did have a blog a while back, this was like 2 years ago I think! There are only a few articles here.

    So enjoy, my 'old self' talking to thin air:

    Do comment :)