Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ups and Downs

How do you define who you are? What if someone very close to you constantly defines you? Constantly tells you who you are and what you are? What if it contradicts what you think of yourself? What if both definitions slowly become one?

I would like to think that I do certain things because I like it and because its good for both the world and myself. I wish everyone else, especially my closest people, would think the same way.

On a more cheery note, I met a random girl on the train today. We both got on the train thinking that it'll stop in a certain stop (both, coincidentally, the same stop), however, it did not. Its amazing how you meet someone who lives a completely different life and start talking to them like you have known each other forever. At first, it began as just 'hey, does this train stop at...?', 'I think it does!', 'Oops it doesn't, but hey, we're going to the same place so we can change trains together!'. Then it went to names, background, siblings to thoughts on different aspects of life! And it turned out that she's my age too! I met another girl in a similar manner a few weeks back. We both finished our exams and were waiting at the bus stop. The bus didn't come for a long time so we were looking for new ways to get back to the station. And we ended up talking about a lot of things, half of which I can't remember. Except, I do remember that I thoroughly enjoyed both encounters and conversations.

'To live, is an awfully big adventure!' (Peter Pan)

Words are so powerful. They can put you down lower than you have ever imagined, yet, they can lift you up too, higher than you ever thought possible. Alhamdulillah, words can flow out of my fingers and put my heart to rest. Which reminds me: Did you know that God sent each prophet to each nation according to their strengths? The people of Jesus were strong in medicine, therefore, Jesus had healing powers. Arabs wrote beautiful poetry, therefore, the Qur'an is so eloquent in its words.

I must leave.

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