Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lets not pretend that aeroplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...

...Lets find real shooting stars!

'Tis the 7th day of Ramadan and I am beginning to feel the high faithed period starting to wear away. But, I know, that this is the real challenge. When something horrible happens, its not easy to get back up. But when Ido get up, I feel so grateful for being able to do so that you climb up very, very high. Then I start to take it for granted and slack off. I fail to realise that God gave me the ability to be here and therefore I must put some effort in keeping myself here. Leave a comment if you know that feeling!

I saw little A (FG, you would know her as M) again after more than three months! She has become more adorable than she ever was and she seems to be enjoying the second year of her life very much. She can talk more fluently than ever, yet, she cannot say 'apu' when she sees me. However, I have finally gotten her to realise that it was me who took her photos with my phone - photos at which she used to stare in amazement. So, today, I showed her my phone and she said 'baby! baby nai!'. And then, 'pojapoti'. I figured she meant 'projapoti' even though she was looking at the two dandelions in my wallpaper. So I told her its 'ful'. She stared at me for a while and then she said 'ful?'. In short - She is an adorable two year old whose face I feel like covering with kisses. 

I had my pupils dilated by a chemical (the name of which I should've noted down, according to my lab worksheet, but I didn't) yesterday, around 2 pm. I couldn't see it myself, but they expanded to a point where my irises were hardly visible. I could not read anything for until this morning. I had to squint and hold my phone as far as possible to make out the words a text message! All the white lights were too bright too even glance at, yet, I don't own any sunglasses, therefore, I just had to put up with it. Despite all of these inconveniences, I loved it! Everything looked blurry, like I was dreaming. It reminded me of Inception. If I remember correctly, their pupils were more and more dilated when they went deeper in to dreams. It also reminded me of hungry vampires. If you have not read or seen Twilight, you probably don't know what I am talking about. But if you have not read or seen Twilight, I strongly suggest that you don't waste your time by doing any or both. (I was fifteen when I read it! I can be excused!)

Today, I had the best sleep I have had in a while, on the train. It got to a point where MX fell from my hand and my head lolled to the side. On a separate occasion, but on the same day, my head rolled sideways and  hit the window, twice. Thank God for the beautiful sleep I have been experiencing, especially since they last only between my stops, and not beyond. 

I love Vision Science 1, especially when SN talks. He dims the light in such a way that his voice grows more appealing, and the content more enjoyable. Yesterday, he was talking about the photo receptors and their structure. He said that the diagram is not just a random work of imagination, it is actually a map of the actual location and shapes of them. While talking about them, at a point, he stopped. And he said - who knows if they are really there? Maybe we're all dreaming about it. And it reminded me of Inception again. There is a scene where a strong sedative is given to a group of people who voluntarily want to fall asleep. When asked if they come here to dream all the time, the manager said something like: No, they come here to wake up. After all, who are you to say they are dreaming? 

Inception was such an epic movie. You can relate every line to reality. It reminded me that, so many of us are still sleeping and we don't realise it! We don't realise that we are blocking out reality. Or maybe we are voluntarily doing so? It's time to wake up and face the truth.

'And so, the parable of those who are bent on denying the truth is that of the beast which hears the shepherd's cry, and hears in it nothing but the sound of a voice and a call. Deaf are they, and dumb, and blind: for they do not use their reason.' (2:171)

'Have they, then, never journeyed about the earth, letting their hearts gain wisdom, and causing their ears to hear? Yet, verily, it is not their eyes that have become blind - but blind have become the hearts that are in their breasts!' (22:46)

'How can you disbelieve in Allah? Seeing that you were dead and He gave you life. Then He will give you death, then again bring you to life and then unto Him you will return.' (2:28)


  1. Nice post. I liked reading Twilight too, but didn't think it was a waste of time till I finished reading the whole series. Only the first book seemed quite reasonable (reasonable as a fantasy novel, I mean).
    However, I like your thoughts, or rather the way you expressed them.

  2. Always love the references to the Ayat of Qur'an, JazakAllah for sharing :)

  3. A1: Yeah, I liked the book while I read it, but I don't think I'll like it now.
    Good day to you too! :)

    A2: wayakum. I felt that these ayahs are very relevant to the way I felt!

  4. Oooh what did they put in your eyes?!
    Chemical? Testing during one of your labs or tutes or something? See, I'm getting familiar with your degree's technical university standard language ;)

  5. I could really use a wish right now,
    wish right now, wish right now *reflects*