Saturday, August 21, 2010


In the darkness of the night,
Stillness overcomes me.
I sit here -
Paralysed, thinking of You.

The love that I feel in my heart
Mingles with hope and fear,
I feel a tear
Forming at the corner of my eye.

I want this state to last forever
This moment, I wish to savour
When no one else is in my mind but You
My head is down on the ground, I
Feel You lift my faith up to the sky
All of my heart is coloured by Your hue.

They all dissolve from my head -
Worldly thoughts and worries,
I trust You
To take care of my affairs.

When the past comes to prod my mind,
I find the strength to push,
To break free,
Hoping You will forgive me in time.

The dark moments that eat away at my heart,
Please wipe them, I need another new start.


  1. May Allah guide you and keep you guided. Ameen.

  2. JazakAllah, an instilling description which portrays that deep sense of wonder, contentment and peace when one connects with their Lord