Monday, August 02, 2010

Words that flowed out while coffee flowed in

I love my windows. I have three huge windows in my room, through which the sunshine bathes me every afternoon I can afford to be lazy. They let shadows play on my walls every night. They overlook layers and layers of the world. I also love my red umbrella. I found it again, after being apart from it for about three months, which felt like three years in my mind. I love my phone too. It fell and got scratched in about ten different places the other day. But I just can't seem to keep to my limits with it! I thought the $19 cap and the $8 messaging pack would be enough, but, apparently, its not. I need to reduce my love for it this Ramadan. And I need to stop my addiction of facebook too.

But I am very pleased to say that my days are becoming somewhat productive. Sometimes, I forget that swimming uphill is extremely difficult, and its very normal to be washed back by a huge wave, but I am trying to remind myself of that more and more often. Right now, I am hating most of my classes at university because my understanding is slowly becoming less and less clear. I need to work out a strategy and just dive into it. Text books are always good, but I think I need to find someone who will clearly explain things to me without that hidden grin that screams out 'I can't believe you don't get this!'. I mean, honestly, yes I do realise that you are smart but I can also see how arrogant you are, Mr T&Co!

Oh well... the world needs arrogant people too, to balance out the humble ones.

Last week, a loud thud woke me up from my deep train-sleep and when I looked down to see if I dropped my phone (again), I realised it was a magnifying glass. Turned out that the old man next to me was using it to read a thick comic book. I smiled at him broadly for brightening my morning, but I think he was too absorbed in his adventure!

Life is truly beautiful when you feel healthy. I am feeling that to my bones, literally. My sinuses hurt due to excessive sniffling. They are probably not just hollow cavities any more. And along with them - my eyes, nose, fingers and stomach are complaining. But I have a strong suspicion that my stomach ache resulted from having one and a half oregano pizzas. I had no choice! They were free!

While I was walking home in the rain, these words popped in my head. I started to sing like no one's around. No one was around.

Walking in the street lights
Bathing in the rain
I'll be glad to tell them my words
Dumping all my pains
In the street...


Off to dinner!

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