Friday, December 31, 2010


Today is the last day of this year. I am at Sara's place, typing up something for my mother, thinking, blogging, listening to a song. 'Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance - I want to grow up once again.' Its a song from 3 Idiots. I absolutely loved that movie! I'm missing home. I miss my bed, my blanket, my windows, my internet, my comfort zone. I'm losing my patience - I've already snapped at people a lot more than a few times in the past few days. Only 23 more days to go!

I went to New Market with three of my cousins yesterday. All of us were very surprised that we were allowed to go all by ourselves. One of them happens to be half-Irish, hence, (according to the adults) she's vulnerable to everything in Bangladesh. We lazed around and bought a few things we wanted. Then we went to Dhaka University - my former home! S.M. Hall has changed so much! Its much more neat and clean, and its a different colour. The tree that I used to stand under and wait for my school transport has lost a lot of its leaves. The white building that had only started to be built nine years ago now stands proudly.

I have a terrible stomach ache. Its probably because of all the medicine I'm taking because of my cold.

Also - I hope you all have the perfect ending for a year! :)

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