Monday, December 27, 2010

Rushed thoughts in slow connection

Certain roads in Bangladesh feel like long and winding wooden roller-coasters. My mother commanded me to sit tight, unless I want every single muscle to come loose from my body. It is quite a hassle, except when you are squashed between two others in a rickety CNG. All of you would go up and down simultaneously and safely. I haven't yet seen little girls and boys selling fresh flowers or necklaces made out of them. I remember seeing them all the time, and wanting to buy something from them every time. This time, my problem is, I am not carrying any money with me. If I need something, I ask my dear parents. I don't even have 2 taka notes to give to beggars. But I am slightly skeptical about these beggars (this skepticism might've increased after watching Slumdog Millionaire...), although aged ones are different. Alhamdulillah, I am such a lucky girl! I have a great family who love each other. I have the opportunity to get a good quality of education in the subject that I would like, without having to worry about running a family. I have independence, yet guidance. Ample amount of clothes and food. Alhamdulillah. I have never thought about certain member of my extended family as much as I am doing now. I guess I never knew them, or even wanted to. NK's family has a lot of talent and dreams. KB loves his birds. He knows a lot about them, as well as other animals. His study table has piles of books on how to take care of them. Every time he talks about his fifty-something budgies, his eyes light up like I have never seen before. He helped a cow give birth once. He would've made a great vet. But unfortunately, because of the rigid education system, he cannot change his course now. If he wants to change his subject now, I would have to go back to year 9. He is twenty six years old. He has a great voice for singing too. I gave him the best poem I have written to put a tune to it, and I think he is on his way to a masterpiece! I wish I could do something for them.

Right now, my seven year old cousin is playing wrestling with a huge pillow on his parent's bed behind me. His obsession of violence scares me. He can vividly describe how the undertakers (yes, I know a little something about wresting now!) enter the place, which involves dark places, water, screaming etc. His day involves watching cartoons, playing computer games, watching wrestling and wrestling with anything and everything around him. But I cannot deny that he is creative. He took a random video cover and made it his laptop. He also has a webcam, mouse and other things made out of random household objects.

I have a runny nose, a bad cough (which kept me awake until very late last night and led me to vomit, and then kept me awake a little more), and I do not quite know what I want to do. If I put on warm clothes, I start to sweat. If I take off my sweater, I feel cold. Anyway, although it has decreased my full potential of enjoyment, it hasn't eradicated it completely. I love the sunlight in Bangladesh. I don't know why, but I think its softer (possibly because of the layers of pollution!). I love the way it falls on the broken buildings, dusty leaves and roads. The afternoons are slow, yet restless.

Anyways, I must leave now. Photos shall be uploaded later. The net is very slow here! (alhamdulillah for mine!) But here's one I took in nanubari (my cousin kept some of the photos, this is one of them. I am too lazy to get the chord and upload the exact photos I want right now). The sunlight is much better in real life. :)


  1. বাংলায় কমেন্ট দিচ্ছি দেখে রাগ কোরো না। তোমার ইংলিশ ব্লগ।
    বাংলাদেশে আসলে, একটু বাংলায় ব্লগ লেখো না! আমি আবার ইংলিশ বুঝি না :(

    ইন্টারনেট! ১৬ কেবিপিএস যথাযথভাবে পেলেই আমরা বর্তে যাই!
    ছবি দেখার অপেক্ষায় থাকলাম।
    (তোমার নানুবাড়ি কোথায়?)

  2. i didn't know u were blogging! i have never noticed Dhaka sunlight like you have noticed. After reading ur blog it seems that visiting bd without money is very liberating! Must try that sometime!