Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blogging from Bongland!

Its only been five days that I have returned to my motherland for a visit, yet it feels like a month! Mainly because I only took a day to recover from jetlag, already had two bunches of 5-taka amras (lost in turmeric, salt, chili) from the road, had one and a quarter packets of those chips in green packs from my childhood, got bitten by a huge ant, completely destroyed my skin and hair... etc. I can list a thousand things I have enjoyed for the past few days if needed, but I cannot be bothered. (I can also list the few hundreds of things that got on my nerve, but they are better left unsaid. :] )

I already took nearly a thousand photos! Most of them shall be uploaded in time. I have a slight sore throat. I'm in nanubari now. I had the opportunity to experience one sunrise and two sunsets. To rest my eyes on endless green and the the calm river. To ride a boat with a funny majhi, along with some new friends I made. To go on night walks.

I'm looking forward to the massages I'm hoping to get today - head, neck, shoulder. Aaahhh! :D