Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kids these days...

Reach high

A typical weekday in my life should go something like this - wake up 10 minute-ish after alarm goes off, pray Fajr, ponder over what to wear for the day, have breakfast, run out and catch the train, university, work, home, pray Maghrib, dinner, Isha, sleeeeeep. On a typical day, I should not be able to see day light from home. On a typical day, I should be able to be so tired from the whole day that the hours in bed would be treasured like life. I made a timetable so that I can fit in everything I want in my life in a typical week. Its working, more or less. I know - its only been five days since I felt the glughbiness, but hey - that's how my life is. Its perfect for about five days and I start to think, life has always been like this! Anyway, 'tis a nice feeling. I guess its because I sort of sorted out the things I need to sort out, and the things that I haven't sorted out that needs to be sorted out are in a realistic plan to be sorted out.


So anyway, I teach children at a coaching centre on Fridays and Saturdays. The Saturday kids stay in that centre pretty much 9-5 and do work, with hardly any breaks. These eight to eleven years olds just sit in a stuffy classroom, and do the work that they are given, mostly because their parents are pushing them to become geniuses. I teach them from about 1 pm to 4.30 pm, and I clearly see the deterioration of interest and energy in them. I try to make things as interesting as I possibly can, however, everything is tightly scheduled and I cannot give them any more than ten minute breaks within that time. It is absolutely horrible to see the torture that these kids go through - they are literally missing out on a childhood! Yesterday, before their weekly test, one of my ten year olds just sighed and said: I feel so stressed all the time. And it broke my heart. She's TEN! When I was ten, I was writing songs about happy suns! (Seriously, I even presented it in a Talent Quest at school, and my friends pretended that they didn't know me. I admit, it must've been very embarrassing, but at least I did not have anything to worry about in life. I might post it up someday...) There's another eight year old who just sits there quietly and does her work the whole time, even when her time is over. She waits for her sister in a room, all by herself, and finishes off her homework. She's so cute and chubby and hug-able that I feel like giving her a huge warm hug every time I see her. But work ethics prevent me from doing so. Stupid pedophiles, they make life hard with their unnatural, twisted ways of thinking. The world is just not innocent any more. Speaking of innocence and children - they are losing it, fast. When I was ten, I did not care how I looked like, did not know what the latest look is, did not wear branded clothes and did not own anything with straps, did not notice what everyone else wore. My ten year olds turn up every Saturday with amazing shoes and tasteful dresses clearly designed for people with a bit more curves than a ten year old is capable of having. Times have changed and I feel like an old lady. 

Speaking of oldness - I am turning twenty in exactly two weeks. (InshaAllah.) Two decades old, can you believe it? I feel like my eyes have sunken, skin has wrinkled, hair has fallen and bones have softened. (Which may also be due to lack of exercise, sleep, lotion and shampoo - but thats just details.) 


  1. 10th April, right?
    Happy birthday!
    sort of... sort out... sort of... sort out... sort out :D
    do ur things always get messed up?

  2. nah its not my 'things'. its just that i am trying to do a lot of things at once, like I am a full-time student with 5 days of uni, and I teach kids for 10+ hours every week,and I volunteer in three community organisations, and I am doing a 5-year course outside of uni, and on top of that, I am trying to do well at uni. Its sort of hard to manage, but I'm getting there alhamdulillah... I think...

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  4. So true! My brother does more work than me! Once when we were alone, my bro was actually like... I have too much hw can you tell mummy to stop kumon? I felt so sorry for him! The world is becoming harsher i tell u! :(

  5. :(

    This song goes perfectly in this situation.