Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Bring me beauty

I ordered my Dell inspiron mini 10 yesterday. Yes, I am already refering to it as being 'mine', even though it has not been created yet. I already feel a deep sense of attachment to it, I guess its because it is the first huge thing that I am buying after working like crazy for the past few months. I have never been able to save up this much while I still had access to my money. Never! So yes - I'm bathing in a sense of accomplishment! (lol)

Alhamdulillah. InshaAllah, it should arrive here on or before 12th April, according to Dell. That is one thing crossed off my wish list. (yay!) Here are the other things on that mental wishlist:
- A pair of sunglasses (good quality, something that I would look good in, something that I will be able to wear for years)
- Huge, comfy, airy, square hijabs (maybe 4-5?)
- Ticket for climbing the Harbour Bridge during sunrise
- Ticket to a hot air baloon ride (possibly during sunset. It would be amazing to pray Maghrib up in the open air!)

Hopefully all of the above will be mine before I turn twenty-one. :D

Also - I discovered today that if I order six more coffees, I can get a free one from my regular place. However, I am a tad bit disappointed that they did not offer me the card before today, in which case, I probably would have already been able to enjoy my free coffee. So anyway, there I was, ordering my usual - small cuppaccino with two sugars, when I thought, why do I never order anything else? Of course, the answer is, I did not know the differences between any of the other coffees. Once I tried espresso without knowing what it was simply because it was the cheapest option available. I had to throw it out after three sips. Hence, I decided to help fellow confused self proclaimed coffee lovers by listing some of the common drinks:

- Cuppaccino: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 froth.
- Latte: less coffee, less froth, more milk.
- Macchiato: coffee to milk ratio is 1:1. (hmm... I guess I can try this one too...)
- Flat white: something similar to latte.
- Long black: double shot of espresso with hot water. (never trying it, unless it is after two days of no sleep and constant work.)

I want to try and do some sort of course on making coffee and latte art. And then get a coffee maker. In the future, hopefully, inshaAllah. :)

Have you ever tried writing beautiful over and over again? It looks slightly weird, and far from beautiful. However, beautyful does not, for some reason. It has a floweryness to it. (Yes, floweryness looks better than floweriness, in my eyes). Life is beautyful. I hope more and more people start to see that it is. :)


  1. Dear Customer,
    your order has been cancelled for publishing the news earlier. That is violation of our terms and condition. We apologize for your inconvenience.

  2. lol. i thought it was my bro/mum at first. Gave me a real scare, O.O. (and yes, i know its you because i use statcounter. :P)

  3. Salam to ur bro n mom from DELL Customer Service :)