Sunday, July 31, 2011

Because we haven't 'talked' in a while

Once again, I have privatised this blog for only a handful of you (six, to be exact). The reason is that I have realised (once again) that my public sphere is getting larger, so, if somehow, one of my employers, or students, or someone who does not know as much about my personal life as you guys do, finds this blog, I will be in for either a huge trouble or an embarrassment. I have realised that my writing style changes as my audience change. So, currently, I am using this platform just to inform you about what goes on in my life - plainly and simply. :) Although you are amongst my closest people, we have not been talking as much. (Due to you being out of the country/married/dipped in exams/timetables that don't match mine).

So, here's what's happening:
- Ramadan starts tomorrow inshaAllah!! (I truly hope this year it will be one of those life changing experiences. I think I am starting to figure out who I am/what I like and dislike, which, I am hoping, would eventually tell me what I am supposed to do with my life. I am also hoping it would help to break a few bad habits that I have been struggling to break for a very long time. Please keep me in your prayers.)
- I have a pimple on the left side of my nose. I can't remember ever having a pimple there.
- For the last few months, my phone was often out-of-charge because the charging socket broke. I didn't get it fixed until last friday due to my excessive stinginess and lack of time. So, now, it is charging peacefully on my blanket once again! No more running to A/SB/B2 and changing batteries inshaAllah! This experience reminded me that we don't appreciate what we have until we lose it. As soon as I saw those bars of charge moving again, it made me smile and thank Allah. It was my first phone that wasn't a hand-me-down and the one I have had since university started. Even though its a nokia E63, something that most people's parents have, I feel too comfortable with it to let it go any time soon!
- It has been about a month since A&SB left the country. I love the descriptions of their little temporary family, I'm not missing them too much though - possibly because I always see A/SB in gtalk, hear what they are up to and know that they will be back soon inshaAllah. I have taken over their room for studying yesterday, and must say, it does have a magical effect! I am planning to make regular trips now. :P
- I started studying. Smru - we should start out friday afternoon thing as planned.
- I finally loaded the washing machine with all the clothes that have been piling up in my room. It got to a point where I now have no clothes to wear outside the house. This is what happens when ma doesn't chase me for something. *sigh*
- My caffeine tolerance decreased. I used to be extra sensitive to large cappuccinos - my heart would race, hands would shake, thoughts would rush and I would enter into a world of hyperness. I got a small last thursday, and I experienced similar effects. My mother would be pleased to know.
- I slept for about 10 hours last night, and I feel refreshed! Don't think I have had such a long sleep in a while... (in 2 weeks. :P).
- Just realised its 8.18 AM and I have gotten nothing that I was supposed to do done.

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