Monday, July 04, 2011

Latest realisations

1. The worst thing about psychologists is that they cannot help their patients UNTIL they decides to cooperate too. Which is perfectly fine, because, the mere fact that patients agree to go to the psychologist by paying money is an indication that either they are willing to cooperate, or they have a lot of cash to get rid of. Either way, the psychologist has something to gain. That is why, free and self-initiated help is an absolute waste of time (unless your intention is to please God). 

2. I should learn to say 'no'. Once said properly, times that follow are not so bad. But, just the courage that must be plucked up in order to say no to something that must be said no to is extremely hard to gather.

3. Detaching yourself from emotions to a certain degree is vital to survival.

4. People who take jokes to heart are so annoying! They make you feel uncomfortable and regretful. When this characteristic is combined with self-righteousness, what results is a mixture of unbearable irritation.

5. Life is actually full of possibilities.

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