Monday, July 11, 2011


Just remembered how much I used to love this song. Kimya Dawson makes me sigh and smile.

"My heart is on my sleeve my head is in the sand
i said how did we end up here? you said happenstance
but i didn't understand so i made other plans
i ran to the ocean washed the blood off of my hands
i washed away my tears washed away ten years
washed away the empty space in-between my ears
and you said all that i mean is that you and me
didn't meet because of fate but rather probability
and you said the truth's like corn and lies are like weeds
you said the schroedinger equation collapsed perfectly
and i said mercy me be patient please
'cause i don't know a goddam thing about the birds and the bees
i just know what i'm like and i'm like what i see
even though it's hard to see because you just blinded me
and if there's one thing i learned in chemistry
it's that the gain of electrons is reduction, obviously
but you can't see electrons without machines
and you can't tell from my inflection if i'm being mean
and i don't know if i can take you seriously
sometimes elections depend on the absentees."


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