Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ma's coming back today. One overriding feeling I am having, surprisingly, is relief. Yes, I missed her and love her, but right now, I am relieved that she will be back to take her responsibility back. I have not exactly been looking after the house or the family in her absence. We sort of have this system of each-man-for-his-own when she isn't here. I say "sort of", because, every now and then, one of us gets inspired to do something epic and make ourselves a family again. Either way, for the past month, I have had to cook, clean and look after little Z more than I have before that. When she is at home, she does not like it when I am not home much, but this time, even when she wasn't, I could not leave home too frequently because of those reasons. I actually miss uni now. 

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