Thursday, January 31, 2013

So I have strung up several words together for little Z over the past (nearly) 8 months. I shall record them in this post when I remember them, just so that she can grow up and see how awesome her khammi is.

You are my drum, drum, drum
You are my guitar
And I can strum
you all day long.

Will you be my sweety pie?
Be my honey bee?
Will you be my butterfly?
Little Zainabee.

Oh Allah, don't let little Zain
feel the pain
of the world being ripped from her heart
Don't let her ever, ever be apart
from You.

Can you see me looking at you across the room?
Can you here me calling out your name?
Can you feel me loving you so much, little Zee,
When you grow up, will you feel the same?

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