Friday, May 10, 2013


I think my plan has worked. I no longer 'crave' coffee as much as I did... last week. In saying that, I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying a cup every now and then. I am currently sipping on organic fair trade coffee, freshly ground and espresso-ed. A few articles convinced me to go organic in terms of coffee - more anti-oxidants, less caffeine per cup, no artificial pesticides used during cultivation, better for the environment and so on. I haven't done much research on Fair Trade products, but from what I know, they follow a certain level of standards in taking care of their workers. "What Fair Trade ensures is that producers receive a fair price no lower than the market price. It also ensures that there is accountability and transparency in the supply chain." All in all, its a pretty good deal!

So yes, not craving things has a really big advantage. We crave something when we expect it in our life, but can't get our hands on it. So, if we can learn to eliminate that expectation for 'things' (and people), then we can enjoy those much more, because we will be cherishing their presence. 

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