Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chutir dingulo

DAY 6:
my holz so far...
day-1 (aka - last day of skool): I'll have a complete "makeover" of my time management these holz.
day1: um... i'll start my "makeover" frm monday.
day2: hey its sunday.. i should b relaxin!
day3: stomack full frm bbq.. need to rest.
day4: sayin goodbye to baba took a looot of energy.

day5: the best place to sleep - mum's bed.
today: mum went ballistic wen she stepped in my room, so i had no choice but to clean it.
DAY7: i got some more sponsors and donators for my ms readathon (yes. im finally getting some thing done.) BTW IMPORTANT NOTE: if anyone would like to donate or sponsor PLEASE DO!!! remember: $2 or more is tax deductable.
DAY8: spent/wasted the whole day outside.
DAY9: im feelin low today, dont ask me y.
DAY11: went shoppin with mum and sis.
DAY12: went to the city and had an embarrasin "experience" (as mum calls it)
DAY13: one of those stupid boring days.. i finished some of my maths stuff.. hey thats something!!
DAY14: i started practising my song for the comp and even mamoni was smiling (aka: half-laughing)
DAY15: i stuffed up the song.
DAY 16: is anyone even reading this entry??


  1. whats with all the littlies? Radia took to mum's bed as well!

  2. im just sleepin with her cuz dads not here. ive been doin it all my life... ill keep on doin it even wen im not one of the "littlies" lolz

  3. same with Radia...we hadta do if be4 her...unbearable

  4. What littlies, I go to my Mums room 2 sleep if i'm scared too. Thats y I get Anika 2 sleep in my room. Other wise ami bhoye mortam!

  5. man I crave my own presence without the invasion of others. what's wrong with you ppl?

  6. Of course, we all have alone times when just a glimpse of any1 else makes u wanna pull out all ur hair (all the little hair that i have, lol) but if ur in a position like me, when ur alone 90% of the times (@ work, out, @ uni, even wen I'm home often I'm home alone), a bit of company is a rare gift from Allah (SWT).

  7. with that happened to me....I never seem to be able to rid of my family.....arrrrgh.....need a holiday away from them

  8. I need a holiday with them, lol. Ei Lamia, I'll sponsor u for MS Readathon. Insha Allah when i c Sadia this thursday I'll give it 2 her, OK?

  9. omg omg omg ur sooooo sweeeeet iishii apu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  10. lol..nira apu. You need a holiday away from your family.You are exactly like jumjum.

    Hey, I slept with ammu when abbu wasn't here.(just few days ago). Gees, I feel like a baby now.