Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Jutar Jatona

I've seriously had some random experiences in my life. Probably they were passed down from ma, because apperently she experienced those too. One of those occured yesterday, timing perfectly, as I was having the time of my life. We had one of those family outings (if u can call our family a "family" without baba), this time we went to the city.
We were having perfect fun catching the train, rushing to change trains, having hot chips, having a verbal "decent" fight with the ticket checker, getting on the ferry, letting the cool breeze freeze our face, going to Luna Park, laughing at all those people shrieking and wishing we were in their place, rushing again to get on the ferry, walking all the way to IMAX, getting 4 tickets and waiting for 40 minutes for the movie and FINALLY watching it.
The real "experience" started when we were getting out. Disaster striked: my 2 inch heel shoe (which belonged to my mum for 14 years) had seperated itself from the sole, INCLUDING the heel. I was on the verge of crying when my mum (dear dear mum) told me she could fix it - with a board pin. So there i was, asking around for two board pins while dragging my disaster struck foot with me. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY had two freaken board pins!!
After struggling for half an hour, mum temporarily fixed my shoe with a hijab pin. 5 minutes gone and I am stuck with the disaster struck foot again. Even with my chocolate coloured face (as ridi apu calls it) I turned tomato red (even tomatoier than flynn apu) when all the people passing by were giving me funny looks.I managed to put up with all those flies in the windscreen (more like elephants inside the car) until my heel completely came off. Thats when I decided that I should pull the other heel out too and make both of them look like flat sandals.

BTW, dont worry all those who r worrying, i got some new sandals.


    I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't help rolling on the floor with laughter. LOL!!

    You poor thing... if I were in your place, I would have taken those shoes off, and walked barefoot... city or not.

  2. if you walk barefoot, no one would give you looks, they'd think your being funky and unconventional

  3. I always walk barefoot when I can. Koto boka shuni 4 that. Its fun, even if i have nice shoes (which is hardly ever the case). In the beach its the funnest 2 walk barefoot tho. Uff, bolte bolte hothath beach e jete icha kortese.

  4. i wanna go to one of the rocky beaches.