Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jutar Jatona 2

Someone stole my school shoes and bhayun's shoes from the porch.


  1. Poorp Lamz, I heard about the incident (LOL!- it's funny and sad at the same time). I'm sorry! Don't worry, if I get a job before I turn old and senile, I shall buy you a pair of shoes, but I can't help your brother- he's on his own.

  2. lolz.. in fact i kno where the shoes are now. on the electric wires that run over the bus stop.
    *sigh* life is never easy is it? I mean which insane person would throw two pairs of perfectly new and perfect shoes over the wires????

  3. Hanging on the electrical wires??hahaha that's funny. On the way to Emu's house, there are shoes hanging on the electrical wires too. We always find it so amusing.
    Up until now, I thought it was the only Mac fields inhabitants who are insane to do such a thing. Now I know they exists up the emu plains too.We aren't the only ones living with insanes after all:-)