Monday, July 04, 2005


A Certain Mistake
My tears are dry,
My words are none
My memory holds
What was undone
My hope, my dreams,
My secret prayer
The silent voice,
The truthful dare
All were lies...
They deceived me
My sight was sealed -
I couldn't see.
But now I vow
I'll never make
In this life:
The same mistake.


  1. Mashallah! Its beautiful. You sound wise beyong your years. Btw, I was gonna permit you to add me, but I see you didn't wait..

  2. Must congratulate you... true, M. Apu, you sound wise beyond your years.

    Ah, yes... permission granted(to link Flynnic Fairytales, that is).

  3. Thanx and thanx.. yeah i figured u would let me. but i like ur poetries better and i was tellin my sis that i got depressed after reading nira apus poem cuz mine lookd stupid nxt 2 urs.

  4. hey, you're the Dorothey McKeller winner, not me *lol*

  5. I doubt it! Thanks for saying it though...sweet of you