Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cliches (also called Chocolate Bars)

I want to sing and dance away on a moonlit night
I want to promise you that we would never ever fight
I wish we could lie on grass and stare up at the sky
And wipe away the tears if they challenged us to cry
I want to catch the raindrops with my berry flavoured lips
I wish we had a swimming pool for late night skinny dips.
We could shiver with mixed emotions under a billion stars
And pretend that our endless love was enough to stop all wars.
I wish we had a lot of money in our tiny hands
Then we could travel round the world and holiday on nice islands
And you could buy me the perfect white gold diamond ring
And I could believe I was queen and you were king.
Then we would never have to study chemistry or physics
We could defy the laws of gravity and live our life on tricks
I could rummage my own brain instead of copying Keats
And we would enjoy a cup of coffee in our personalised love seats.
All the people that keep telling us we are futureless losers
Can become confused, depressed, trashy, psychotic old boozers.
We could point at them and laugh because they would look like clowns.
And then get on a roller-coaster to feel life's ups and downs.
And everything that's uninvited could get stuffed in planet Mars
While we imagine the infinite ways our life could taste like chocolate bars.


I wrote this poem on the 11th of May, spontaneously, within about 20 minutes. That's why it sounds cheap and corny.

PS: I like my new layout.
PPS: There is 38 odd days till HSC.
PPPS: 'Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn' took a new meaning yesterday.
PPPPS: Who needs drugs if she had enough uppers and downers in her head?
PPPPPS: 09.09.09

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