Thursday, September 03, 2009

New Experiences (mostly within the past week)

1. Seeing a dead animal in the drain next to a main road, with hollow eyes.
2. Creating apple milkshake. Do NOT try at home.
3. Returning to facebook after 2 months.
4. Being able to save $17.10 without spending a cent in the process.
5. Walking around with a blanket.
6. Being 47 days away from the HSC.
7. Standing in the train all the way from Redfern to Blacktown.
8. Losing interest in MX.
9. Understanding every word of a British movie without subtitles.
10.Surprise virtual visit from Fran and Rimo.

I spent the past hour flicking through blogs I never knew existed. And realised that mine needs a makeover. You're right Fran, its way too pink. Year 8 outfits must be shed, and Year 12 must be donned. Whenever I can be bothered.

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