Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Ray of Sun at Six AM

 Creeping through a crack, he softly kisses her eyes,
Tumbles upon her hair, and then silently cries
Because she's still half asleep, only half awake,
Dreaming of another, lying in her heartache.
He's unable to speak, or even make a sound,
He finds himself breathless and utterly dumbfound.
His fingers walk on her face, anticipating
The moment she would wake, and participate in
This game of silent love, a kind of hide and seek,
To make their hearts beat faster, knees a little weak.
As time inches forward, he grows upon her face,
Patiently he waits, listening to her heart's race.


  1. lol ok...

    i thought it was a nice image though - sunlight kissing someone, tumbling on their hair etc.