Sunday, September 12, 2010


Its another beautiful day; I am sitting here, loving it, yet, dreading tomorrow. I have my chemistry mid semester exam tomorrow. Its only 10%, and its a multiple choice exam, but I know that if I screw it up, of which there is a huge chance, I will suffer from low self esteem and screw up every single chemistry exam after that. I also have my optics exam on Wednesday - the famous exam which keeps being postponed and saving my soul. I don't think it will be postponed any longer. And so I can feel my heavy heart sinking very, very low, at the thought of Wednesday.

The past few days were not supposed to be very enjoyable, given my close proximity to the exams. Yet, they were very, very enjoyable. I felt like I want to freeze my life at certain points and live in that moment, forever. One such moment was when I received my very first camera. I thought my very first camera would be Pentax x90 - at which I have gazed lovingly for a very long time. I thought I would buy it with my own money when I save up enough. Since I am very bad at saving up, it was supposed to be what my siblings would give me if I get into a certain course. Since I am not exactly sure about my career path any more, they decided to give up. As I have mentioned before, my mother has been very generous and have given me a Canon PowerShot sx120. My siblings bought me a cute pouch, my memory card and two extra years of warranty. They also seem to think that it gives them the right to slave me around the next three years. That, children, is what one gets for being the youngest.

I love my camera. I shall have a lot more photos and a lot less words from now on, like Aniqa. If I can be bothered.

AND unexpectedly, I saw Aniqa yesterday, during an Eid visit. How random? There were days when I would see you more often at blogland than uni. Now, I see you more often at other people's houses than blogland. (Yes, it was only once, but that can be referred to as 'more often' since I don't see you anywhere any more - AT ALL!)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Eid visits this year. In fact, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Eid this year full stop. (It is probably a product of procrastination, the extra happiness you feel when you make yourself useful doing something good at the wrong time.) The day started off with foggy air, hints of excitement in every breath. It proceeded with a little bit of screaming, running, hurrying, shoving ourselves into our clothes, eating, running out to the car, prayer, being surrounded by amazing and amusing kids, having a house full of people yet feeling like there is space for everyone, taking lots and lots of photos, having an amazing time with certain people ie: Sum, Ana. Ana trekked all the way down from her place and gave me a special respected spot for trekking all the way there every single day. Jo came, and brought delicious gifts. The only thing is - I didn't get a lollybag. I helped make them yet I did not get one! I was eye-ing every item while making them for the little kids. :(

I was supposed to make some sort of a dessert this Eid. After much contemplation, the day before Eid, I decided on sticky date pudding. With great enthusiasm, I set out to create a masterpiece, just like I have done a few Eids ago. I still remember the ooh's and aah's as people tasted my pudding. So, I mixed everything in. I realised that we were short of self raising flour. So, being the smug expert that I am, I decided to chuck in a random amount of plain flour and baking soda together. I might've put in a little extra, thinking that it would give it an extra rise! Much to my amazement, the pudding had a huge black spot right in the middle. After a while the liquid started to rise, continued to rise until it fell down the sides. I couldn't watch any more.

It ended up as round balls of bitterness.

ps: Happy birthday, my two beautiful best friends!

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