Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In search of a dream

Dreams float in my mind.
I stare intently,
Desparately trying to get lost in their world.
Trying to grasp a few,
Or even one.
To embed it in my heart,
Then run as fast as I can.
So that the dream becomes my goal,
The goal becomes my reality.
Only then,
Will the reality feel like a dream. 

p.s.: All career directions I have or had in the past seem like illusions.

p.p.s: I like real bubbles. I hate figurative bubbles.


  1. couldn't catch up the 'bubbles' matter in here :(

    Me too trying to dream.. but dreams are always beyond my touch-- even in my imaginations!!

    Nice poem! May Allah bless you to turn you dream to reality or vice versa-- the reality to be felt like dream :D

  2. hahaha 'i hate figurative bubbles'! Nice poem! :)

  3. MF: Thanks for the prayer! The bubble was referring to people/ideas/things that do not like moving beyond social conventions.

    SS: thanks!

  4. but how does it fell if u don't dream? even when u r asleep. and when u get up in da morning, ur sisters r talking about their dream and u r just listening! and it happens to me, I don't dream- not in da day, not in da night! :((