Friday, November 19, 2010

All the world is waiting for the sun.

Its a windy morning. Windy, cloudy, cold, gray, lazy morning. I have a thousand things to attend to, which I eventually will, hopefully. Right now, I'm listening to a beautifully talented woman that Sum introduced me to. She sings acapella covers of songs with meaningful lyrics - newbegining212. Her voice is amazing, even though sometimes the acapella sound effects are slightly weird. I especially love her cover of The Call, Drops of Jupiter, Diary of Jane and Rain. But I haven't heard everything she sang, so I can't quite pick out the best ones yet. B told me about another YouTube sensation/talent - communitychannel. I just realised that she even has her own wiki page! Natalie Tran - a funny, famous, yet down-to-earth vlogger from my hometown - talks about trivial things like how Milo does not dissolve even after stirring several times. She is the most famous YouTuber in Australia! Another lovable procrastinator is the author of Hyperbole and a Half. I'm not sure if I've spoken about her before, but, she often seems to know parts of my life very clearly. Especially in this post, she pretty much mapped out how my mind works.

'Rain, rain, go away,
Come again another day,
All the world is waiting for the sun.'

(Except me.)

p.s: Here's Rain by Creed by newbeginning212. I like its lyrics, especially these: 'Trapped between the truth and the consequence, nothing's real, nothing's making sense.' It describes limbo - a place I'm often stuck in.

(Not now.)


  1. I do not like the rain... not at all! But how unlucky I am... living in a country where it rains almost nine months a year! :(

  2. LOL and i love the rain and i'm living in a country of drought. Sad.

  3. Adnan vai is from my alma mater..and was my teacher at uni as well :)
    I wondered to see him here.
    I will pay a visit to his place in delfth and Amsterdam this Easter inshallah.