Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unworthy rant (like a plastic bag...)

I can't believe this moment is finally here. The exams are over. The burden that I've been feeling hovering over my head has been lifted, I feel free. Half way through year 12, I realised that I hated economics. When I made my decision to go into my current course, I steered clear of anything to do with economics or commerce or business - anything related to finance. This year - I learnt that I hate physics and maths. Maths was okay last year, even last semester - but it became unbearable half way through this semester.

Therefore, through trial and error and elimination, these are not for me:
- Economics/commerce/business/finance
- Engineering (since physics is a must for this...)
- Software or anything to do with computers (simply not interested in being part of those wonderful creations)
- Arts (not talented enough... or at all... in that area to do well and make a living out of it)
- Law (I lack both the talent and the enthusiasm to be a lawyer)

Now I must find something that is for me. All my life, I thought I would know what I want to be when its the right time. Here I am, at the end of my first year of university, half way through nineteen - still confused. I do have a few options up my sleeve, but stay tuned (until march next year) to know my decision!

There are several things I need to do these holidays. Several things.

PS: Katy Perry is really talented. Who else thinks of plastic bags when describing feelings of worthlessness? Or the number of times a girl changes clothes to describe indecisiveness?

PPS: Bookworm is a really addictive game.


  1. hear hear, a whole year of uni is over! =O

    This is a time for endings and for new beginnings =)

  2. Haha about the same time as you, i started hating economics. :P Don't worry, there's definitely a career made for u! You just haven't looked hard enough. And unfortunately it's a journey only you can make! :D

  3. Dana: YESH!

    AM: thanks for the wise words dear! :)

  4. So what course are you doing?