Thursday, January 20, 2011


The wedding hype has died down a little in the last four days. The sleepless nights were made up by sleeping nearly all day for the past two days. My mother thinks I am competing in sleeping with cousin S, who's well-known for this skill. Her eight-year-old brother cut his big toe on glass one fine evening and caused a lot of chaos. He was screaming and crying like there is no tomorrow, making everyone else think that there is really no tomorrow! While the whole house ran around frantically, S slept peacefully without hearing a thing. She is that amazing of a sleeper! We have a theory that even if the whole house was about to burn down, she would just wrap her blanket around a little more tightly and fall asleep again.

I had a lot of fun here, yet, I cannot wait to get back home! I really don't know when I'll see these people again. But I realised how dependant I am on my own things and my own life in these past few weeks. I need to take those personality tests again, just to see if I have become and extreme anti-social and selfish person. But one great thing is, I have recently been told that I can talk to strangers very easily. (Actually, on second thought, that is quite worrying!) I have also been told I can fake-real-smile, ie: Smiling when I don't feel happy, yet, manage to look happy. Again, not sure if its a good thing.

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  1. that's funny, I've been doing personality tests too of late ;)