Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Memory - 12.12.2010

The minutes crawl by ever so slowly
When in imprisonment from the world
In this bubble, we scream internally 
Smile outwardly
Baring teeth at the second hand of that clock tower
We drift away
To the world experienced in clouds...

If I can remember correctly, I have been on eleven planes in my life. However, this time, it feels like I am experiencing the feeling of flying over clouds for the first time. I love the way bits and pieces of them form shapes with their shadows on the brown land miles below. Sunlight illuminates the whole world except for the spaces beneath these clouds. They form shadows of a heart, a butterfly; sometimes, they join to become a dragon, flaming with a passion for beauty. Sleep weighs down on my heavy eyes which were wide awake when darkness covered the earth. My head continues to hurt in a rage, to protest against the very minimum contact with any sort of sleep in the past few days. They next thing I know, we have risen beyond lands, clouds and anything that remotely resemble the world. The blue sky was beneath our feet, grey clouds ran above us. It took me a good five minutes of baffled thoughts to realise that we were actually travelling above the ocean now. Those shadows still lingered, they have only changed from brown into blue bodies. Some clouds sat with half of themselves above soil, half above the aqua water. My eyes dozed off again, only to wake up to a world of white. We were inside a cloud. 


  1. 11 times!! i'm jealous..... ;(

    anyway, nice individual style. Like this!