Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Blog

Recently, I am feeling the need of writing more about Islam, due to various reasons:
- I am coming across people who are probably in some situation that I have been in the past, yet, they are not receiving any guide about the 'yes's and 'no's of handling those situations. For example, if you are a born-muslim, yet you want to revive the religion within yourself, you may wonder where to start. Do you start reading what the intellectuals have to say? Do you google Islam and memorise the first bit of information you get? Do you focus on your spiritual being and retire to some deserted mountain?
- I have been suggested to write about Islam.
- Knowledge is lost if it is not passed on. Therefore, I will make an honest effort of passing on that knowledge, without being 'in your face' about it. If you want it, take it; if you do not, leave it.

Here is my new blog - Secret of Worship. Of course, I will keep writing here, but this blog will always be the witness of my ups and downs, while the other blog will witness advice.

A word of caution - my writings will focus on Muslim readers, simply because I will be assuming that my readers already know a the jargons. If you are not familiar with them, just leave a comment, and I shall explain! 

P.S: Its really late now, and I rushed my first post. A lot. (Its only five sentences.) But keep checking it/follow it to see my writing improve to your liking!

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