Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On a happy note :)

Here I am, sipping on tea lazily while most of my jobs are done by others. This is one thing I love about being here - most people expect you to do nothing. Yesterday, my day was spent behind eating a few guavas, sleeping (a lot), shopping and a tiny drama. When we came back home around maghrib, we found my dad frantically looking for his watch. My mother could have sworn she saw it on the bed side table before leaving, yet, it was no where to be found. The girl, T, who works in this house is deaf and dumb, therefore, she neither could explain herself nor defend. There had been one incident with her very recently, which led certain people at home to suspect that she might have something to do with it. Anyway, we didn't really do anything except to ask her to look for it. She spent a whole ten minutes crying. The watch was found later under the sofa, which wasn't supposed to be there, because my dad didn't wear it after leaving it on the bed side table. I'm thinking T must've put it there for her father. She always talks (with her hands) about him, and how much she misses him. Mami told me that she is his favourite daughter and very, very loved back at home. We all like her - she's usually a friendly, reliable girl. But poverty really does get to people. If you always see someone else's father using something your father will never have the chance to use, yet, you love him the same way that someone else loves her father, and he is just as good a person as that other guy, why would not he deserve what the other man deserves? Anyway, I'm just glad that 'tis all over!

I also tried to do a henna design on my hand yesterday. It not only looks horrible, but it has also gone quite dark even though I haven't even left it on for five minutes. The wedding is on Sunday, today is Wednesday. I really do hope it goes by then, but it is showing no sign of fading. Usually, when I need it to do so, my henna takes ages to get dark!

Its Sabit's birthday today. This eight year old kid is amazing. He is talented in many things, like, building 'leptops' out of video covers, being a smart mouth, knowing how to be loved by me, and copying WWE and a certain monster called 'Miz' whom he calls 'Mij'. Yet, he cannot keep track of his birthday. Mami got him a Rabbit yesterday because he's been wanting one for weeks. His obsession with rabbits stemmed from the rabbit that another of my cousins got a few weeks ago. I shall post up photos when I take one. But I'll leave you with the talent of my other cousin, one of Sabit's sister. I told her to draw me, and she drew some glamorous bangla cinema actress minus the fat cells. Everyone who sees it says that it looks nothing like me, which I guess is very offending because the girl in the drawing is very pretty, but it also makes it okay to publish on a public blog. :)


  1. Canon PowerShot SX120 IS :)
    how was wedding??

  2. 'twas good. i'll tell you all about it when i get back inshaAllah, sum. (yes, i know who you are even though you are anon-ed. :P)

  3. u are bad in guessing :P
    u left??!

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  5. wow... the picture is really cute. he must like you a great deal.

  6. balika,

    She's a 'she' and she's 13. I don't think liking me has anything to do with drawing an attractive figure! She's just really talented, but she drew it to her heart's content. Trust me, it looks nothing like me, and she was saying the same thing while she was drawing it! lol