Friday, April 01, 2011

Its not even 10 AM

Complaints (skippable): I woke up at 2-something-AM in excruciating pain and extremely cold feet. I was literally wide awake and knew that I would be unable to go back to sleep for a very long time. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to summarise physiology. At 6-something-AM, I realised I had not done much, even though it had been about four hours. If my annoyance level was moderately high when I woke up, at this point, it shot to the roof. The train ride was okay, apart from the fact that I was half-asleep-half-awake the whole time, and felt worse than I felt before it. The store that usually gives a discount didn't give me a discount today on the pack of gum. There was an annoyingly and awkwardly mushy couple right infront of me in the bus line. On my hurry to get away from them and silently praying so that I do not have to sit behind them, I lost my brand-new-unopened pack of gum. I had to wait in line for about ten minutes or so for my coffee and another pack of gum. Then, I came and sat in my computer lab where I have been having my psych tutorials for the past few weeks. A few minutes later, I realised that my tute is not in here, and I do not have a chance in getting in now, because they are doing hypnotosis today, which must be complete uninterupted. I missed the most interesting class of this semester.

On a brighter note (or two): I love the poetic lyrics and soothing yet catchy tunes of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. My laptop is now on its way to Australia. The expected date of its arrival is now the eighth of april. :)

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