Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Subtle variations of blue...

Sometimes it feels like time is passing me by way too fast. Everyday, the mornings seem to get closer and closer. The nights are always the same. Some minor details change here and there, but I'm mostly riding a very flat wave. I wish I could take a radical decision. A radically awesome decision that would change the course of my life for the better in an instant. I wish I could write something that would squeeze everything out from the inside of me and put them in a plate. I wish I had the patience to sit down and read a beautiful book. Why am I so restless nowadays? My hands start shaking and I feel extremely weak if I'm doing something for a long time.This has never happened to me before. The first time it happened was this morning when I was driving. At first I thought its because I was hungry, but then I realised my stomach was still full from breakfast.

Find a road to a humble abode where both of our roads meet! I wish. I really do wish someone would blend up a rainbow and shoot it through my veins because right now it feels like my heart has no colour at all.


  1. Hay I don't know you but I know your heart has beautiful colours.
    How I feel and think, only I can change right?
    and I know sometimes it is not easy but all I can do is believe I can.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful comment. It made me smile. :)