Thursday, December 24, 2009

dates that only know how to go up

Reasons why anyone would want to watch bollywood movies:

- They are incredibly ridiculous, hence, they are incredibly funny.
- They build up an ideal image of couples, houses in developed countries, couples living in houses in developed countries and all things related to love.
- They make you think that indians always wear colourful and beautiful clothes.
- They give the impression that all lovers know how to sing and dance. So, if you don't know how to sing, or dance, or any of them, just fall in love!
- The simultaneous ridiculousness and sweetness makes you want to cry.

Well, that is the conclusion I have come to after watching Chalte Chalte. Its a love story (of course!). Raj and Priya meet accidentally and Raj falls in love. Priya refuses. Raj insists. Priya slowly falls in love. She fights off a marriage and marries Raj. They start having problems. Tears. Tears. Tears. Romance. Tears. Tears. Priya is about to leave. Raj stops her at the airport. Tears. Tears. Love. And in between all of those, there are some well choreographed songs that would be totally awesome if they happened spontaneously in real life!

All jokes aside, I think this movie carries a very serious message. Two people can't start living together because they think they've fallen in love at first sight. Do people do that in this day and age, I hear you ask? I don't think its a hard thing to do, just like every other stupid and wrong decisions we take in life. I think the main thing for two people to live together is to have the same thing as their top priority. For example, if a musician's (lets say, G) top priority is to see and portray the beauty she sees in the world around him, her counterpart (B?) can't be someone who's top priority is to make money. B might make some very stupid decisions that will leave G hurt and depressed, e.g.: destroy the rainforest in their backyard to build corporate buildings. You might say, that its not as black and white. What if B respects G's decisions and builds a nature reserve instead? Well, if the nature reserve brings in less money than those corporate buildings, then, that proves that B's top priority is to keep G happy, not to make money. And if it doesn't, well, sir, I think I just proved my point!

Anyway, Raj and Priya get back together at the end of the movie. That's why its a Bollywood film, not a snippet from real life.

The next movie I want to watch is Pretty Woman. 2 reasons: I've wanted to watch it & its on YouTube. I'm at a major disadvantage when it comes to living up to the motto: A movie a day, keeps boredom away. You see, I'm the youngest and the most irresponsible child in our family. I am the child who receives the most amount of love, food and care and protection. Yet, I'm also the child who's stuck with an eight year old PC, infected with viruses, and left with no way of downloading and installing applications. My account is not an admin and my dearest brother for the admin password, because it has been THAT long since he had used this computer. As a result, I can't use the normal websites or even download limewire to watch movies.

Anyway, quick updates:

- A is going overseas in a week!
- SB is coming here in 3 months!
- Uni starts in 3 months.
- My ATAR was neither awesome nor awful. Thank God it wasn't awful!
- Driving when you are the only person in the car feels incredibly exhilarating.
- Working with a balance between reason and emotions is beautiful.
- I think taff is extremely funny. Don't know if she actually has a low self esteem, or if its just a part of the sarcasm, but here you go taff, if you ever see this, smile!
- The heat is making my brain boil.
- Melbourne and the LC was fun.
- Debating/discussing/arguing/whatever -you-want-to-call-it with people is fun, especially when you know what you are talking about.
- I know my picture doesn't really match my post, but I guess both are random enough to be matched!



    I havent gotten butterflies like this in a longgg timee haha

  2. :)

    as long as you smiled, that line was worth it! lol