Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Imsomniac stars and a little bit of confusion

The day is beautiful.

The sky isn't blue, but its filled with different shades of clouds. The songs that are playing aren't exactly happy, but they are not sad either. I think they give you a sense of nostalgia, even if there is nothing to feel nostalgic about. I'm listening to three songs from Antaheen. Who knew a movie could make you cry so much? The only thing that's in my head right now is: 'What is it about you that has commandeered by brain?' You have to admit, the movie was good, even excellent, but not perfect. I'm sure I have seen movies that dug deep inside me before. So what's different about this one?

The camera work is awesome, as usual with movies made in Kolkata, I assume. The songs have very sweet lyrics with serene imagery. Even though its morning and the sun is shining ever so brightly through the clouds, these lines are still appealing to me:

আমার ভিনদেশী তারা একা রাতেরই আকাশে,
তুমি বাজালে একতারা আমার চিলেকোঠার পাশে।
ঠিক সন্ধ্যা নামার মুখে,
তোমার নাম ধরে কেও ডাকে!
মুখ লুকিয়ে কার বুকে তোমার গল্প বল কাকে?
আমার রাত জাগা তারা তোমার অন্য পাড়ায় বাড়ি,
আমার ভয় পাওয়া চেহারা,আমি আদতে আনাড়ি!

In fact, most of the songs in the movie have imageries of night time. Maybe that's why they are so serene?

My mum called as soon as the movie finished. I was in the middle of a very emotional turmoil and I was crying like there is no tomorrow. So I was a tad bit irritated when she told me to stop watching movies and do all those chores she left me. Well of course I couldn't explain that this wasn't just any movie, its the movie that forced a lot of tears out of my gland, possibly in a way that would never happen again with any other movie. I know that she's worried. I don't know about what exactly. But I'm sure parents worry about their children unless they are perfect. And I am definitely very far away from perfect.

The thing is, the whole movie was alright. It only became special at the end. I won't mention what happens, just in case you are reading this and haven't watched it, but intend to watch it. I guess it was the anticipation. The fact that the realisation hit her just before the final moment. It sounds very cliched, but you have to see it to feel it. Then there was the regret that they were a little too late in the realisation. That's enough to drive anyone to depression!

I think I need to take some time off. Some time without any written thoughts, constant music that I'm hardly listening to and other people. Some time off junk food. Some time to reconnect. I keep talking without meaning a word. What's the point anything that doesn't have weight?

Things I need to do:
- Finish writing the song
- Finish LC HW + some other organisational stuff
- Get back to the pursuit of creating the new and improved me

আমার আকাশ দেখা ঘুড়ি,
কিছু মিথ্যে বাহাদুরি,
আমার চোখ বেধে দাও আলো,
দাও শান্ত শীতল পাটি,
তুমি মায়ের মতো ভালো,
আমি একলা পথে হাটি।


  1. wow! this blog changes much since i saw it last. looking good.

  2. Ah.. i was looking for the post where i made comment. now..i can see it changes so frequently!!