Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye naughties, welcome to niceness!

As I write this, fireworks are being released all around. And its only 9.12 pm. I'm yet to write down my new year's resolution, but I do have some in my head. I'm a little weary of fulfilling my resolution of 'create to-do lists and actually cross things off!' because I wrote down 9 things to do today at the beginning of today and only got 1 done. Oh well. New year = newness = start over = hope!

What have I done this year? Well, I have successfully completed 13 years of education! I have turned 18 and managed not to drink, smoke (few puffs from cousins at 14 don't count. I didn't know smoking was haram back then.), graffiti or vote. I actually maintained a calendar - one of the few things I did regularly! I wrote a lot of diary entries, blog posts, typed thoughts in MS Word and Notepad - possibly more than any other year. I've learnt that I can pull people closer and push them away too. I've written half of a really good song that I still intend to send to Dawud Wharnsby. I've made, broken and remade some huge decisions. I've learnt to cook things that make people smile, in a good way. And I have nearly made it through a year full of confusion!

Things I wish to achieve by the end of 2010:
1. Fitness
2. Taking responsibility for my own actions
3. Compartmentalising my thoughts

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful year. I hope it is filled with happiness and light. I hope you hurt at least one less person. I hope you smile at least once more. I hope you will make an effort to make the world a little bit cleaner, happier and better. And I pray to God I can do these too.

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