Wednesday, June 22, 2011

22nd June - Day 3

I opened up an account with a long time ago (February 24, 2011 - to be exact), but never ended up using it. Although I love taking photos, I go through stages of being attached to my camera and completely forgetting it. The night before last night, I had a sudden inspiration to start using the project, with a theme of 'words' (although the theme didn't come to me until the second day). And ever since (for three days), I have been enthusiastically trying to find new subjects, new words.

Today, while waiting for a ride/escort to return home after dark (my parents care for me deeply enough to fear for my safety after dark. I conform because I love them.), I went to K-Mart to meet B (ie: my escort). He had his own shopping to do, and he seemed very uninterested in how I would entertain myself. Since I was on my way back from work and my wallet was filled with fresh notes, I decided to buy. Its always better than window shopping. I bought:
- A permanent marker (My other one was a cheap one from BD, and it dried after a few days. I decided to not buy cheap stationary any more, if I can afford it.)
- A deodorant (SB was extremely nice and bought me one a while ago after my last one finished, however, he was probably also cheap. The sprayer does not work properly. Every time I've attempted to use it, the liquid streams down fingers and make them excruciatingly fragrant. But, if you ever come across this, SB - thank you for the thought and the effort!!)
- Hair band (the plastic ones that sit on top of your head and make you look like a primary school curry kid. Here is one such example.).
- Tiny post-it notes
- Coloured paper
- Highlight of the night: A little whiteboard with markers. $6. :)

Yes, I took the photo just for the tiny board in the middle. It reminds me of a little chalkboard we used to have in Bangladesh.I'm not sure how we got it, or where it went, but I remember pretending to be a teacher to my deformed staffed animals using that as a blackboard.

Also, I like coming up with lame quotes.

It is now 2.24 AM. I had a huuuuge conversation with Smruthi, which lasted 1949 lines in google chat. We talk about the most interesting things - its funny how we are very different outwardly, yet, I never have such talks with anyone else. That girl has an exam tomorrow (thank God its not in the morning!) and so, of course, she became a philosopher. :P I am extremely curious to see what happens to us in ten years. We dream way too much - dreams that are not too far out of reach, yet, not exactly within reach either. Not yet, at least. I might need to pass with flying colours in order to make it within reach.

And why have I written such a huge blog? I had something due yesterday, which I have extended to today, which I shall extend again to tomorrow night. Please forgive me, Sum. :( I also have to do quite a bit of work to prepare for the coming weekend.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning. I have to get a coffee tomorrow (today?) morning.

P.S: Today is special for several reasons:
- My mother, the superwoman, got a year older.
- B, the other half of B, is coming tonight, inshaAllah!! :) (Maybe I should call them B1 and B2?)
- It is the shortest day of this year.

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  1. 22nd June ! Happy birthday to your mom ! It was one of my college friends' birthday too. Me and two of my college friends met him yesterday. We bought a gift for him. It is called "swiss army knife" :) after i gave it to him, he said it was the number three he got :(