Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Satnesday (and happy belated birthday S)

Today feels like a Saturday... possibly because:
- I made pancakes.
- I took time to nicely present a pancake to myself (with natural yoghurt, vanilla creamed chocolate cookie crumbles and honey) and then had breakfast in bed while watching a TV show.
- My parents are home. And that's not supposed to happen on a Wednesday.
- I am legally missing university. Its the last week of uni and no lectures are on this week, therefore I have no classes today. :)

I made an awesome cup of spice tea today. I came up with the recipe myself and it has not turned into a disaster! I also made a cup for my mother and she agreed on its awesomeness. I would like to reiterate - my grandmother would be proud of me. :) (However, I still need to learn how to make milk tea, and on stove-top too. Then my grandmother would truly be very proud. :D)

I have to get quite a few things done today. My linguistics assignment is due tomorrow and I have very little idea about how to approach the questions. I need to get over my horrible performance on my exam and lack of attendance after that, and email my tutor and shamelessly beg to be guided. And I am very glad that I decided to cut most of my hair off and decided to look like a 'boy' (according to my mother) because although I am giving it the same treatment as I have done in the near past, it has not knotted up as usual. The human male species does have an easier life. However, I must conform to my femininity and do something about it today. Also, although my room is not quite the pigsty yet, it is not something my mother would love to walk into, therefore I need to clean it up. I also need to vacuum the whole house because the effect of lack of vacuuming has began to show...

Arghh SO MUCH to do. :(

I hate to admit it in such a public place, but I have watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl. The reason why I am making such a revelation is that there was a tiny part in it that (amongst many other tiny parts) that I have experienced before. Serena tells someone about something about Blair and there is no way that Blair is supposed to find out, yet, she tells Serena that 'I know that you were the one...'. My point is, some people just 'somehow' seem to know things, much to the oblivion of others. It is such a huge betrayal of friendship (of course I have stopped talking about GG - its filled with betrayals so it has the least importance in the characters' life lessons.)! So, when I realise that some of people are trying to 'protect' me (or something) by not opening up completely about a certain thing, I automatically distance myself, without even thinking about it. And, on the other hand, when you can fully trust someone with your 'secrets'/weaknesses/anything - that is what strengthens bonds.

On that topic, let me introduce my friend - Smruthi (who has introduced herself in here a longgg time ago, but this is the formal one. ;)). I have known this girl since year 8, English - the day that our deputy left her with us. Somehow, she automatically became part of our group. We spent nearly three years at the same school, then two years at different school. Then we started to go to the same university a year and a half ago. Although we spent two of our 'growing-up' years apart, it often seems that we have grown together and closer than ever. High school rivalry with grades has left us (because we are doing two different degrees, and we are quite happy with a pass... oh how our standards have dropped since year 8!). We have no common enemies within our vicinity either. Therefore, we seem to have a lot of conversation about 'life' in general. I love the way Smruthi thinks. Even though she is surrounded by superficial people who often prove that they have not grown out of high school mentality, Smruthi is able to take a holistic outlook (most of the time. :P). We are both in the same boat with our future - neither of us know what's happening to it. She loves her family dearly, has a soft heart and appreciates the simple beauties of life (even though she doesn't realise it often). I love you Smruthi, and I hope you never stop becoming the wonderful woman that you have started to become, and is capable of being. This dedication was supposed to go here four days ago, but you know me well enough to know how much I procrastinate. 


  1. awww thanks a lot lamia! haha now that u mention it im quite amazed at how much ive changed since yr 8. :D and im so glad ur watching gossip girl!! :D

  2. Not until the next season comes out and I am desperately looking for a way to procrastinate. ;)