Thursday, June 02, 2011

Certain friends


If you had to choose a favourite finger, which one would you choose? 

I recently found out that one of my very good friends has a blog. She wishes to remain anonymous to her known world, therefore, I shall not divulge any details. However, the more I know her, the more I am fascinated. I honestly don't understand why she has a social phobia - she's amazing! She would go out of her way to help anyone who needs it, and it would come right from her heart. She's intelligent, becoming strong-willed in self-discipline, pretty, creative and a lot of things a lot of people want to be. MashaAllah! I hope Allah enhances all the good things she has in herself and makes her one of the happiest people in both worlds. The nice thing is, she probably would never come across this. Even if she miraculously does, she would never realise that this is about her. :)

Another friend of mine is going through something that, at some level, is entirely new to me. I mean, I can relate to the concepts because I have made a similar mistake before, but I just do not know how to deal with its extent. I know how I felt when I was in my situation, and since mine was ten times less intense, I can only imagine how she must be feeling. I hope she can come through it.

On a completely different note - I hate keeping things from my friends, even if it is for their good and they will know when it is time. However, it puts me in an awkward position, and I am so bad at pretending that people can easily tell that something weird is going on. More details later.

CJ - if you ever come across this - Happy Birthday! Like I (and so many others) keep reminding you - you're nineteen! Why are you such an adult? :P


  1. I envy this camera n its pix quality!

  2. N.C.: I know which NC you are, except its a tad disturbing because the friend that I was talking about in the first paragraph also happens to be an NC!