Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Personal plans*

*Only I may feel the spirit each sentence is written with. :)

My physiology exam is in exactly one week and I am hoping to smash it. I am not quite sure how realistic the hope is, however, I still feel that flickering light burning. I have the rest of the day today, most of the day on thursday and friday to finish off my notes. Tomorrow, the weekend and one thursday next week will be psychology inshaAllah. And then the 18th would arrive and I shall be free! (iA)
I have quite a few things to do in the holidays (as always). However, as always, I am doubtful about whether I would get round to them at all. Though there are a few events that I am positive will definitely happen inshaAllah:
- 25th/26th June: AM LC
- 2nd July: T's henna party
- 9th July: T's reception (my sari artist ie: sis will not be in Sydney then. I honestly do not know what I will do without her.)
-  13th July: HP 7 at IMAX!! :)
- 17th July: 'Ramadan Roadtrip'

I watched a few episodes of The Office (because that is exactly what I do when exams approach). I can totally imagine a few of my friends working somewhere like that, with a crazy boss, an office romance and awkward moments. But cucirca episodes are really slow for this show. Anyone know any better places to watch it from?

On a tad heavier note: I could not complain about my life, alhamdulillah. I have everything I need and want, and I have hope that the things I am dreaming of might come true one day not too far away. 

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