Monday, June 13, 2011

Off in the night, while you live it up, I'm off to sleep

"...Waging war to shape the poet and the beat
I hope its going to make you notice
Someone like me.

I've been roaming around,
I'm looking down and all I see
Painted faces fill the places
I can't reach."

My latest favourite song is 'Use Somebody' by King of Leons. Not sure why, but it just popped into my mind today, even though I haven't listened to the song for a long while. Possibly because my exam is in just under thirty four hours and I could really use somebody who would agree to do my dirty work for me? My brain feels like the mush that Ms A described hers to be when little T was inside her stomach. I am not sure if its the excessive coffee or sugar consumption, and I am not sure why my brain would feel like a mush in that case anyway. But my stomach does too.. hmm...

I think my whole system is finally ruined. I read an article from DL's facebook a few days ago that I related to up to a frightening degree. I can't find it right now, but the gist was that uni students (it was about law kids, but since I can relate to it, I guess it can be extended to most other faculties) start off the semester with casual expensive lunches (preferred over the sandwich squashed at the corner of their bags), cooking elaborate dishes just to procrastinate, and end in chocolate, lollipops and a dangerous amount of coffee. There was something about alcohol too, and thank God it is explicitly forbidden in Islam.

Also, I was randomly blog surfing, because I ran out of ideas for procrastination. (Except staring blankly at walls... that never gets old.) So, I found this along the way. And I stole this from there:


Also, I took an awesome photo with post-its the other day, but it needs editing and I cannot be bothered to do so now. However, I  saw this cute video on a friend's wall.

Also, living with three married couples is sometimes quite annoying because no one else gets jokes or concepts that I find funny. I am pretty sure my siblings would have giggled over certain things a few years ago that make them look at me cluelessly now. Which makes things awkward.

I am going to sleep (okay fine you were right Smruthi) and then wake up tomorrow morning EARLY and study. InshaAllah.

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  1. cute video!