Thursday, June 09, 2011


This morning, I walked out of the house wearing three layers of clothing, which included several pieces - skivvy, abayya, woollen jacket, jeans AND harem pants, and I still felt cold. I think what I need is a pair of boots, and I shall be able to completely eliminate any drafts coming through. My mum has a way of wearing a thick scarf on top of her hijab. She attempted to dress me that way when I was about eleven; I thought it looked horrible on me. However, since I have gotten older, wiser and possibly uglier, I have nothing to lose if I try that again. 

She looks beautiful though. I do not know how she manages to look so beautiful in so many things that make me look exactly the opposite.

My recent increase in sensitivity to the weather is alarming, since I have always been fascinated by snow. But it means that I am growing... somehow (not quite sure if its up). I remember when I was young and was able to run out in almost anything, whether it scorching or raining. A runny nose was never a problem, neither was dirt that came up to my knees. And if I could, I would play the whole day without a wink of sleep. Something happened along the way, and I seem to need sleep for half a day, each day. Runny noses annoy me, I avoid dirt and I don't quite like the current weather. There's a bengali saying - 'bangali nari, kurite buri' - 'bengali women grow old at twenty'. I feel the truth of this statement!

I went to uni today and I got some 'stuff done', instead of just whining about it. I just need to stick to my plan for the next week, and then I. Will. Be. Freeeee!

And I finished watching the first two seasons of The Office. The ending of the second season was so cute! Jim Halpert has climbed up my list above Ted Mosby amongst adorable characters. Watch, and you shall figure out why. Interesting fact - both of them have a rounded face. I am sure Freud has a brilliant theory about it.

I was reading Freud's development theories for psychology today. It reminded me that he was indeed a twisted man, with possibly a very traumatising childhood. (And google confirmed my suspicion.) 

I have a very weak resolve and I cannot stand people with weak resolve. Then why do I have a weak resolve? 

Because my other half will be someone of strong resolve.

And that, my friends, is an example of 'rationalisation' - a defence mechanism. Also a theory of Sigmund's, and quite a useful one. 

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