Sunday, April 03, 2011

3/4, morning


The windows are open,
I feel the cool breeze touching me -
Touching my heart.
I send out a smile,
Smile for those
who are living this art.

I know the world is full of bloodshed;
Tiny stomachs that need to be fed;
Young souls passing on each day,
Even before they had a chance to play
In the field of life.

I know the world is full of bleakness -
It has lost a lot of its sweetness.
Just another face in the street now cause unspeakable crimes,
I know we are creeping towards the darkest of times.

Yet, I send out a smile
that'll jump over the vile
and reach out to a child
who's yet to see
how humanity
is ripping up the art
that's filling her tiny heart.

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