Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girls and the Goodbye Round

Waiting to light up their hearts

Goodbyes are very awkward, as NCho pointed out the other day. It was raining, I was wearing a long dress (as usual, it needed to be shortened, therefore I was holding it up (un)gracefully) and both of my hands were occupied with things. We were standing under open sky and talking to FG and her group of four or five friends for about five minutes. It took us five extra minutes just to say goodbye, because it involved hugs, see-you-laters, take-cares, lets-meet-up-sometime-soons, byes and more hugs. Since the cycle of goodbye returned back to the hug, a danger of beginning another round of goodbyes arises. Which in turn became awkward. Which NCho just had to point out to me a few minutes later, and thus, I have been noticing it ever since. Today, HS introduced me to her friend P. And an hour later, when class ended and I was departing from them, the whole round of goodbyes started again. This is especially long when there are a group of girls who are all equally close friends, thus, all of whom deserve the whole round. (Thankfully, P happened to be a guy, and so, escaped with just a nice-to-meet-you, see-you-later and bye.)

And since I have watched too many episodes of HIMYM, I seem to want to label every theory of mine. Therefore, I dub the above as falling under the theory of The Goodbye Round. 'Tis truly a dangerous phenomena when there about ten girls. Its more of a dangerous situation when there are ten girls and one guy, the latter of whom is forced to just smile awkwardly while the others share those moments of (pseudo?) happiness. 

The other interesting thing is that we (ie: girls) tend to be more affectionate towards each other, even if we are completely and utterly straight. We use a lot more hugs and kisses, and express our love with varying words (depending on how bored and creative we feel.) (P.S: This goes out to one of my favourite girls who always expresses her love in elaborate ways - miss Worshipper. :P Although... I am not quite sure if she will come across this any time soon...)

I have my psychology midsem tomorrow. Maybe I should do a bit of studying instead of applying intuition and coming up with (amazing) theories. 

P.S: It is only the 14th and I have already posted nine times. The addiction of recounting what-happened-today must be returning to these fingers. :(

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