Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Moment of letting go.

Freedom feels like smelling those eight fresh roses that your best friend gave you on your birthday. Freedom feels like walking in the lightest of rain - being touched by it, but not becoming wet. Freedom feels like tasting that first sip of water after a long day when you've forgotten to take your water bottle. Freedom feels like watching the ocean break its waves on enormous stones. Freedom feels like listening to a baby's heartbeat while she is still in her mother's womb.

Freedom is giving your thoughts some place to breathe. Freedom is turning over a new leaf. Freedom is quitting looking for signs and creating different ones yourself. Freedom is when you can finally wrap your past in thick wrapping paper and store it away forever. Freedom is when you realise that the future has many possibilities, and you are the sole human owner of it.


  1. 16th this month! record of all time!

  2. yeah i stopped counting after a while.

  3. right you are about the freedom queen of L.

  4. Thank you bubs, and you shall taste it on the 1st of November iA. ;)